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Where to Find More Info

Rat Care FAQs and Care Guides
The RMCA (Rat and Mouse Club of America) Rat FAQ.
A short but helpful FAQ.  This site also features a section on medical information.
This is a rattery website which includes a very good Rat Care Guide.
The Pet Rat Information Sheet.

Recommended Resources recommended!
(Virginia's Rat Page)  Bookmark this site now!  An indispensable reference which
provides links to dozens of web articles grouped by subject.  Chances are, if you start
here, you'll find links to many of the following sites.
A Layman's Guide to Health, Medication Use, and Responsible Care of Pet Rats.
(Sandra Beasley and the Spaz Rats:  Alternative medicine for pet rats)  Sandra is our
resident Ratlist expert on alternative treatments.  She includes many other helpful topics
on this site, as well.
(Quick Answers from Rat-Help and Rat-Info)  A searchable archive of the topics most
often covered by the friendly helpers of the RatHelp and RatInfo groups.
(Anne's Rat Page)  Anne is our Ratlist expert on Rat Behavior and Biology.   She has
researched several interesting rat topics, which she has posted to her website.  This site is
both informative and fun!

Rat Clubs and Publications

(Click here for a more complete listing of Rat Clubs and Associations)

The RMCA Gazette:
The Rat and Mouse Club of America links to the Ratlist, and provides a community of
rat lovers as well as a source of information and rat merchandise and supplies.  The
Gazette is the RMCA's magazine, which is published every other month.  You can read
several selected articles from past issues at the RMCA website.

The Rat Fan Club:
Home of the "Rat Lady", Debbie Ducommun.  The Rat Fan Club has a monthly newsletter,
The Rat Report
.  You can also purchase Debbie's book, Rats! A Fun and Care Book and
her "Rat Health Care" booklet (a must-have resource at an extremely low price) through her
website.  You can read the introductory issue of The Rat Report online for some excellent
beginner information.

RMFE:  Rat and Mouse Fanciers for Excellence:
"The RMFE is an international group of rat and mouse fanciers striving to set and maintain
the highest standards of excellence in breeding, raising, and caring for pet rats and mice."

These are just a few of the many wonderful rat-related sites on the web.  You can find more links at the Ratlist website (

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